Introducing PeshawariZ"> Introducing PeshawariZ" />

Introducing PeshawariZ

Hush Puppies has reinvented
Peshawari for the new you!
With the Hush Puppies and Peshawar Zalmi duo comfort now meets heritage.

Our passion to collaborate in the sports field was real and cricket being one of the top sports in the world was our ultimate goal. We at Hush Puppies have always strived to cater to every generation, from the younger ones to the elderly. And we were well aware of the fact that from young kids to mature adults to elders, everyone loves cricket. So, now the question was what could we do to land a collaboration with someone in this field? We made PeshawariZ!.

Adding to the mix of a great product idea is the perfect marketing strategy. Cricket is a well-loved sport throughout the country and with PSL, the sports entertainment and advertising world combine to form a marketing powerhouse. Hence, we chose PSL to advertise our latest products. Going back to their roots in Peshawar, when one thinks of the style and fashion of the region, the first thing that comes to mind is the Peshawari chappal. An important part of this culture of, Peshawari chappal is revered by a lot of local and international brands. This is the reason why when we initiated a partnership with Peshawar Zalmi and introduced PeshawariZ, it aimed at bringing style, comfort, and most importantly, the Peshawari culture in the mainstream.

While a lot of Hush Puppies designs are influenced by western styles, we as a brand also has always voiced our support for the local artisans and style choices. With our PeshawariZ being a key part of the Har Qadam Hai Zalmi anthem video, everyone can clearly see in the visuals, the variation of style we have brought out. The song that has been performed by Farhan Saeed and Fortitude, featuring cricket superstars like Wahab Riaz, Hussain Talat, Usman Qadir, the product placement is a bold, yet affective move. This means it can relate to everyone, just like our demographics.

With people young and old, men and women shown in the video wearing PeshawriZ with a range of outfits, we have tried to establish our latest collection as a fashion statement. To add to that, we have presented the different ways you can rock your new PeshawriZ. There are several scenes in the Peshawar Zalmi anthem video that depict its usability, a man playing cricket wearing the PeshawariZ sandals, man painting a truck, women enjoying the song; all of them in either traditional, Pakistani or western attire.

Of course, with the product being so stylish, one has to give credit to its manufacturing process. Thanks to the design that has been executed with using genuine leather top and extra cushioning in the sole to provide maximum comfort and flexibility to the wearer. We believe features like these in a shoe make them highly wearable and durable.

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