Free Delivery Nationwide. For every Kids shoe purchased a certain percentage is donated to The Citizen Foundation in order to build schools #smallsteps towards a brighter future.


Hush Puppies x TCF

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Bright Steps
One at a Time
Education should be accessible for all. We have joined hands with The Citizens Foundation to aid education for the lesser privileged. 

Conscious consumerism is on the rise, and we believe all of us should make efforts to create products and relationships that benefit society. Hush Puppies has acted as a leader in this movement for several years now, because all things bright and happy run in the brand DNA. We are glad to announce our partnership with The Citizens Foundation (TCF).

We have built a school with TCF for the lesser privileged. And from every Hush Puppies school shoe sold, some of the proceeds will be contributed to TCF in order to aid their education program. Hush Puppies has a history of working towards the battling social issues and improving society at large: last year, we announced ‘The Good Shoe,’ a shoe that is made almost entirely of plastic found in the world’s oceans. Most recently our focus has been on highlighting young Pakistanis who are making moves in their respective industries. Being a brand famous for the comfort we are providing in school shoes, education is a natural extension of the company’s love for social responsibility. And joining hands with TCF is another milestone we have achieved in making the society a better place.

As an education-focused civil society organization with almost 30 years of groundbreaking experience, TCF is the perfect partner for Hush Puppies’ most recent initiative. TCF boasts a network of over 1600 schools which provide low-cost formal education to children and families who face socio-economic issues. Thus, every school shoe sold by Hush Puppies it will help build a TCF school in interior Sindh.

We believe this partnership reflects the best of both worlds: a meeting of two sectors of the industry for the benefit of children. Essentially, all one has to do is buy a shoe from Kids Category of Hush Puppies to send a child to school. In the spirit of conscious consumerism, it’s a step in the right & Bright direction.

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