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Limited range of “Color of the Year”

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COLORS AREN’T JUST VISUAL: they bring to mind long-standing meanings, associations and feelings. Colors are an experience. 


For Hush Puppies’ Color of the Year (COTY) Campaign, we’ve taken inspiration from one of the most colorful companies in the world, Pantone. Pantone is a decisive voice in the world of pigment R&D: their experts are the best at picking up hues that embody global moods and trends. 2021 is the first year in which the company has released two colors of the year to be paired together, a decision that reflects the past year: new and unpredictable.

Pantone’s two picks at first look unrelated: on one end is ‘Illuminating,’ a true, bright primary yellow, while on the other is ‘Ultimate Gray,’ a steely, cloudy dark grey. The purpose of these is to be used together, and with Hush Puppies’ new collection of six color of the year themed shoes, the marriage of these two shades is striking.

Serendipitously, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray relate deeply to what Hush Puppies represents: Illuminating is bold, happy, and unapologetic, while Ultimate Gray is a celebration of technology. Both merge beautifully in the new Hush Puppies COTY collection, with gray being the base color and yellow being used to print fun words and phrases onto it. The end result? A uniquely versatile yet cheery shoe for those who like to live life on the bright side.


Allows the foot to breathe.
Provides flexibility and comfort
For this collection, Hush Puppies wanted to partner with equally bright and innovative people. The first of the Bright Siders is Arsalan Ash, an ESPN and Unified EVO Champion who has successfully represented Pakistan on the international stage. Ash is joined by the up-and-coming crowd favorite choreographer Hafeez Bilal and superstar artist and model Momina Tariq for the COTY campaign. Together, they embody the spirit of Hush Puppies: colorful, confident, and with every new generation, there’s a desire to stand out from the crowd, make an impact and leave their mark on the world, and with this vibrant collection. You will be able to do just that. We’re encouraging our customers to follow no one’s footsteps, but their own. so join us and walk on the bright side, and live your life on your own terms. 

@HushPuppiesPakistan as we #PracticeOptimism.

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