Meet the Bennet

Our newest addition to the PerfectFit collection.
Available in three classic styles.

Someone slips their foot into a PerfectFit shoe.
Someone wearing a PerfectFit shoe lifts their heel and bends their toe.


Our PerfectFit footwear is made with an internal stretch system that hugs your foot for all-day comfort.

A PerfectFit shoe is balanced on the toe, bent at almost a 90° angle.

Next Level Comfort

The Bennet provides 360° comfort around the foot, while providing
next-level cushioning and support underneath the foot.

Made with fewer
irritating seams.

Bounce™ footbed
provides energy
rebound with every
step and retains
its cushioning for
all-day comfort.

Soft, five-pod
outsole provides
superior underfoot
support and cushioning.

Henry Gordon-Smith Urban Agriculture Designer

As a designer who spends hours on
his feet, commuting and more, Henry
knows the importance of shoes that
keep his feet happy. Learn more about
why Henry loves the Bennet.

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